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P8 is the Italian folding sailboat

P8 sails, oars and motor to experience the sea in total freedom. With a capacity of 400 kg it is assembled thanks to the patented folding system, quickly transforming into a rigid hull that allows you to navigate safely even in the open sea.

You can transport your P8 comfortably on the roof rack of the car, folded in the transport bag, traveling at highway speed without friction or turbulence.

And after use, zero storage costs. Stored in a corner of the house, your P8 will always be ready to shoot for the next adventure.

Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Fase 1
Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Fase 2
Montaggio della barca pieghevole P8 - Particolare della fase 2
La randa della barca pieghevole P8
La poppa del dinghy P8 con la tavoletta motore e gli agugliotti del timone per andare a vela
Barca in legno P8 nel porto di Giovinazzo dopo una bella giornata di vela
L'istruttrice di vela Francesca Oliveto si rilassa dopo una uscita con gli allievi a bordo della barca pieghevole P8

The Project

If you are interested in the P8 here you can understand whether to linger or… act! Today.

The mission

Our boats are covered by a full 5 year warranty… But there’s something else you should know about our relationship with Jake and Elwood…

Il marinaio Nico carica la sua amata barca pieghevole P8 sul portapacchi della sua auto a Vieste


The purchase process is simple: here you will find the information you need. We will be happy to welcome you to the cheerful P8 filibuster

A bordo della barca pieghevole P8 navigando a vela lungo la costa di S.M. di Leuca


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